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Myrtle Beach Vacations - Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum of South Carolina is conveniently located off of Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. The Children’s Museum is easily noticed because of its red doors, blue awning and yellow signs. The exhibits at the Children’s Museum are all interactive, allowing children to play while learning. The museum offers special programs including Tales for Tots and Digitalis Planetarium. Other Children’s Museum exhibits include Discover South Carolina. This exhibit teaches kids about snakes, shells and other critters native to the area. Kidz Medical Center & Dr. Molar's Dental Clinic helps to teach kids about the human body including muscles, teeth and bones. The museums Pizza Delivery Truck exhibit teaches kids how to make a pizza and the Recycling Center teaches children about the concept and process of recycling.

The Children's Museum of South Carolina welcomes large groups and parties. The museum staff will even set up the party with table decorations. Special events are also held on a regular basis. The cost of admission to the Children’s Museum of South Carolina is $8 per person; all children under the age of 1 are admitted for free. Visit www.cmsckids.org today to find out more about the Children's Museum of South Carolina.